Support action on climate change, cleaner energy and cheaper power

The inaction and negligence of the Berejiklian Government has put our environment under attack. They have done nothing in eight long years to invest in renewable energy, or reduce the carbon footprint of NSW. 

Labor will reach 50% renewable energy by 2030, and get as close as possible to 100% renewable energy by 2050. 

Here's a snapshot of our plan: 

💨 Deliver 100% renewable energy for all State Government agencies by 2025;
🌳 Hold a Climate Change Summit in our first year in office;   
🌏 Develop the Climate Change Action Plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050; 
🍃 Deliver the single biggest investment in renewable energy in NSW history, creating 13,000 regional jobs;
☀️ Help an additional 500,000 homes install rooftop solar panels;
🚗 Reduce greenhouse gas emission by 15 million tonnes - the equivalent of offsetting every car in NSW;
🔌 Establish a state-owned power company to drive down power prices and deliver cheaper and cleaner power; and 
✅ Enshrine the outcomes of the Summit into a Climate Change Act.

Labor will deliver the single biggest investment into renewable energy in NSW history, and create more than 13,000 jobs in the renewable energy, construction and electrical sectors. 

We have a plan to ensure NSW has enough secure, clean and affordable energy to power more than 3 million homes (as many homes as NSW has today) - by 2030. 

We're serious about protecting our environment. 

Our Clean Energy Plan will turbocharge the energy market in NSW, reduce carbon emissions, create thousands of jobs, and bring billions in economic benefits to the people of NSW. 

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Support action on climate change, cleaner energy and cheaper power

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